.. and I downloaded my personal Netflix data to cement the decision.

A few weeks ago I was checking my email and saw a message from A24, a movie distributor. It was a short and sweet note telling me to “Get Your Heart Ready” and that screenings of Minari were available via their website for $20.

This was shortly before Valentine’s day, so it was appealing to think of the movie screening as a gift. My husband and I watched the trailer for Minari and thought it looked good. I bought a screening ticket. …

Sometimes we reach the limit of what is known — and when we go beyond that, it’s art.

Art in various mediums should be used to enhance, challenge and investigate decisions made via data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning.


There are a lot of disciplines that are a delicate balance between art and science. Cooking is a great example — you need to learn the rules, but after that it’s an art to interpret memories into something that can be consumed. With perfumery, chemists are always on the search for new molecules but the emotions evoked with smell are subjective and varied. You can analyze the stock market to death, but there aren’t guarantees. Should falling in love be boiled down to a scientific process? Is raising a child an algorithm?

1. Abstraction of personal information can lead to moving insight

My own version of San Francisco

This side project started when I found a map of my Dad’s from the 1960’s that listed two restaurants that have since closed. I found a Facebook group called “San Francisco Remembered” that helped me find some cool photos of “The Golden Spike” (used to be a great family-style Italian restaurant) and what was most likely the “Alta Mira” misspelled or overheard wrong (a famous swanky restaurant in Sausalito).

Inspired by my husband Mike’s request for a special memento for his birthday of our year in San Francisco — along with a map I have that came out with the…

Here’s what I learned

Artistic representation of 5 loved ones, 15 good friends, 50 friends, 150 meaningful contacts, 500 acquaintances and 1500 people I can recognize.

Last November as an experiment I deleted over 400 people from my connections on Facebook. It was an alternative to the “I’m quitting Facebook” message that people send out, and I set my goal at reducing down to about 150 connections based on the theory that none of us can really maintain more than about 150 meaningful contacts. I wound up with 214 connections, which was the result of there being a number of people from my past that I may not talk to regularly but still feel an attachment to.

A few months later, I’m happy to report that…

How do I identify and visually represent my life in five different states?

My starting point. I’ve lived here!

Every time a person moves to a different place, they forge a new identity. What’s the first thing you think about when it comes to a state? For me, it’s their shape. It’s not hard to find a T-shirt or pint glass etched with a state’s outline. That’s great for the honeymoon phase, when you’ve just moved somewhere and are eager to prove your enthusiasm for your new home and endear yourself to the third- and fourth-generation folks that tout their deep roots in the community.

If you’re lucky, the honeymoon phase of living in any new place leans toward…

I fell in love with data visualizations because they’re cool looking, technical, and streamline the method of conveying information. I gave a talk on getting inspired with React and D3 at the Seattle Web Developers Meetup in December 2018.


I am most often spurred to learn something new out of inspiration. Here are a few projects that made me want to learn more about creating interactive data visualizations for the web.

from The Pudding / Shirley Wu

So I went through every single line in Hamilton (twice 😱 ) and recorded who sang each line, as well as who that…

Illustration by Kathy Moore

The longer I live in Seattle, the more I want to protect it. I feel a closeness to each camellia bloom and tree popping up over the top of a roofline. I want to preserve that sense of new fresh just-rained and newly budded spring that explodes here like nowhere else.

People here love their place, their land, and their neighborhoods. Many people that move here want to live closer to nature. Sometimes as an outsider or relative newcomer it feels like a competition: how many trails have you hiked, which mountains have you climbed, are you getting out to…

Tools used: IBM Watson Tone Analyzer, Amazon Comprehend, Python

This is the beginning of an abstract look at the way my Facebook posts might be interpreted by any number of services, algorithms, job hunting boards, or even a friend from the past 10 years if certain tools are used. It’s not accurate.


I downloaded my comment history from Facebook in json format.

I hacked together this python script to do the following:

  • Remove posts to groups.

I came across Affectiva while reading an IDEO article about affective computing. I started off with watching a YouTube clip of puppies and horses, and didn’t get much of a response out of the software. So I decided to see what I could find on YouTube regarding Black Mirror.

I’ve only watched the “Hang the DJ” episode so far this season, so many of the content frames were new to me in the trailer. I couldn’t help but be self-aware of being recorded while I watched. I remember thinking to myself something along the lines of “I’m being watched by…

How do you want your loved ones to pass? Singing, rituals and family/friends by the bedside are common desires listed across many cultures. What if there was another way to go into that good night with feelings of love and fulfillment? This is a work of science fiction to explore that thought.

Hazel tried her best to stop shaking. She was able to walk to her car, turn on the self-driving mode, and stare out of the window. …

Lorraine Sawicki

An Information Designer and Writer focused on clear, beautiful visuals and compelling stories. lorrainesawicki.substack.com

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